Priceline 40% off sale!

Priceline 40% off sale!

As most Aussie beauty lovers would know, about a week ago Priceline had their massively popular 40% off cosmetics sale. So, like many I had to pop in and check it out. Inevitably, I walked out with a few purchases. If I’m being honest, I’m actually quite
proud of myself as I didn’t go too overboard hahaha. I mainly just stocked up on some of my trusty favourites (how responsible). Now, let’s get into what I bought…

  1. Maybelline “Master Precise Liquid Liner” – My absolute favourite liquid liner. I use this product everyday so I had to pick up another one because I go through it so quickly it seems like I need a new one every two weeks haha
  2. Australis “Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder” – another product I use every day. This is by far the best pressed powder I’ve found and when I like something – I stick to it.
  3. Australis “Velourlips – MAL-I-BOO” – I already have two of these and I LOVE them, so when I saw this in the clearance bin for $4, then further reduced to $2.40, I just HAD to get it
  4. Australis “Nail Colour” – I’ve never tried australis nail polish, but, like the lip product, it was reduced to $2.40 so I thought “why not?”

So that’s it! My tiny Priceline haul! Do you use any of these products, and what do you think of them?

Hope you’re having a beautiful day/night <3

– Karen xx


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