Getting Organised For Back To School

In Australia, it’s that time of year where our summer break is coming to an end, and school and university is starting up again. Whether you’re excited about the prospect of return to study, or if you’re dreading it, getting organised for school is a necessity. Like many, I’ve done…

MAC Lipstick Wishlist

Can one ever be satisfied with the amount of lipstick they own? I think not. There will always be a lipstick out there that I lust after – it’s just a fact I must accept. Some of my favourite lipsticks come from MAC Cosmetics. In my opinion, they’re iconic. The…

Summer Skincare Routine 2018

Last year I did a post all about my winter skincare routine, so I thought it was only fitting that since it is now summer, that I do an updated skincare routine for the current season. The routine itself doesn’t differ too much from my winter routine, however the products…

Summer Fashion Inspiration

Fashion isn’t exactly my “thing”, hence why I don’t include the term in my blog’s tagline. More often than not, you’ll find me living in plain black jeans and a white t shirt, that’s if I’m not wearing pyjamas at home – such a fashionista, I know.

8 everyday struggles of glasses wearers

My name is Karen and I have myopia. You may know it as short-sightedness. Whatever you want to call it, I can only see things clearly if they are right up against my face. This means I’m one of those lucky people who rely on glasses all the time.

My 2018 goals

Welcome to 2018! This is my first blog post for the year and what better way to kick it off with my 2018 goals. A new year has started and whilst I’m not really one for traditional “resolutions”, I definitely think it’s worthwhile to set yourself some goals, both long…
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Goodbye 2017

2017. It’s been an interesting year to say the least. Highs, lows, happiness, sadness, coming from all walks of life worldwide. We’ve witnessed strange trends and viral videos we’d rather forget. We’ve seen countless amounts of unimaginable tragedy. Australia finally got their act together and realised that everyone is equal…

2017 Favourites | Beauty, Music + more!

2017 has almost come to an end, so it’s time I share my favourites from the past year. Beauty, lifestyle, music, and more – I’ve got it all in one post! Beauty If you’ve read my blog for a while, a lot of these beauty favourites will come as no…
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The Christmas Tag | Merry Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner (2 more sleeps!) so I thought it’s time I get into the festive spirit, and what better way to to that than the Christmas tag! Here are a series of questions all about the holiday season. 1. Favourite Christmas Movie? Elf and The Holiday…